1. It takes time to stop answering 911 calls to dispatch tow trucks.

2. Want to stop dispatching tow calls from the dispatch center.

3. Processing yearly tow packet applications take approximately 4 hours per tow company.

4. You get a call from a tow company saying "You skipped me!"

5. Sick of people calling you to ask, "Do you know where my car is?"

6. Feeling burn-out over your high-stress job.

7. Don't know if the tow truck companies on rotation are in compliance 

1. TowPro's automated system rotates through tow companies until tow is accepted.

2. The TowPro app allows officers to dispatch tow trucks without seeing which company is responding.

3. TowPro processes tow packets and keeps them updated 365 days a year assuring tow company compliance.

4. TowPro keeps an up-to-the-minute database for transparency. 

5. TowPro has an online database to tell you which tow company has your car and will give you their contact information.

6. TowPro offers free training for dispatch personnel on mastering stress to prevent burn-out

7. TowPro assures companies are NEVER out of compliance.